How I Can Help You


Naturopathic Medicine is covered under paramedical health care in most standard extended health benefits plans. Check with your insurance provider to see if you are eligible.

The Initial Investment into Your Wellbeing

Meet and Greet: Free/15 minutes — This is an opportunity for us to chat on the phone or meet in person over a cup of tea or coffee to make sure I can help with your specific health concerns and goals. This can also help us decide if my approach to healing is a good fit for your specific needs and desires.

Initial assessment + comprehensive personalized treatment plan: $195/75 minutes — In the initial appointment I take a thorough health history, go over any recent blood or lab work that you bring with you, and do all necessary physical exams. The objective of this appointment is for me to understand the entire picture of your health along with your goals. I am well aware of the feelings that can be experienced when sharing intimate and sensitive health details (I’ve been a patient many times myself!). So I do my very best to help you feel comfortable and to provide you with a healing space to have your story heard.

From this assessment I hope to determine the root cause of your health concerns and I create a thorough, researched and personalized treatment plan specifically for you including therapies such as nutritional and lifestyle modifications, herbal medicine, vitamin and mineral supplements, and Traditional Chinese Medicine such as acupuncture and/or cupping and mindfulness practices.

Follow Up Appointments

30 minute follow up: $95/30 minutes — In all follow up appointments we review, one on one, how your treatment plan is progressing and how you are feeling. We go over any blood or lab work results I may have ordered and I make any necessary tweaks to your treatment plan. A 30 minute follow up may also include acupuncture or cupping therapy if applicable.

45 minute follow up: $125/45 minutes — This is the same as the 30 minute follow up however depending on what we are working on together sometimes we need a little extra time at follow ups. For example if you present with a new symptom or condition, this requires more time for me to assess the new concern. I will be clear on how long your next follow up should be to avoid any guessing or confusion.

Additional Costs

Blood and lab work: prices vary — Occasionally I will ask that you get specific blood or lab work done to help me determine the cause of a health complaint or to assist me in knowing what treatments to recommend. These prices vary but I will always inform you ahead of time on the costs before requisitioning for blood and lab work.

Natural health products: prices vary — Although I do my best to use food as medicine, sometimes supplements are needed to ensure you are getting therapeutic doses of specific vitamins, minerals or herbal medicine. This will always be an open conversation and you have the right to deny or withdraw consent to any of these recommendations at any time.