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Are you ready to take the step towards wellbeing but looking for more information? Find answers to the most commonly asked questions here!

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Is naturopathic medicine covered by health insurance?

Most extended health benefit plans have coverage for naturopathic medicine (often referred to as naturopathy). We recommend that you look into your coverage prior to your first appointment. Naturopathic medicine is not covered by OHIP.

Does the Runner’s academy offer direct billing to insurance companies?

Yes! The wonderful administration team at The Runner’s Academy can directly bill your insurance company as long as you have consented to this. They offer direct billing to the following insurance companies: Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance, Cowan Insurance, Desjardins Insurance, Great-West-Life Insurance, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Inc., Johnston Group, Manulife, Maximum Benefit, Standard Life, Sun Life Financial

What kinds of conditions does dr. bri, nd treat?

Some of the conditions Dr. Bri, ND tends to treat frequently are: digestive conditions and general digestive complaints, mental health (such as anxiety and depression), hormonal imbalances in both men and women such as menstrual irregularities or thyroid conditions, weight management, athletic nutritional counselling, chronic skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and stress management. However this is not an exhaustive list so please don’t hesitate to reach out before booking an appointment to see if your health concerns or goals are something that Dr. Bri, ND can help with.

Are there any health concerns that dr. bri, nd doesn’t treat?

Although Naturopathic Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat most health concerns, Dr. Bri, ND recommends that you visit a naturopath who has a special focus on the following health concerns if you are searching for help with these conditions: adjunctive cancer care and paediatric care.

i don’t consider myself an athlete and i’m not a vegan or vegetarian, can I still book an appointment with dr. Bri, nd?

Although Dr. Bri, ND does have a special focus on athletes, she is happy to help anyone looking for a holistic, naturopathic and preventative approach to their health and wellbeing regardless of their lifestyle choices and diet preferences!

What can i expect for my first appointment with dr.bri,nd?

In your first appointment with Dr. Bri, ND you will share your health history, from head to toe, and set specific wellness goals. Things Dr. Bri, ND focuses on are your food and water intake, sleep, stress, digestion, energy and mental wellbeing among other aspects of your health. Dr. Bri, ND will do any necessary diagnostic physical exams (such as taking your blood pressure, listening to your lungs, taking your temperature etc.) and go over informed consent to treatments and explain what she thinks may be causing your health concerns.

What should I bring to my first appointment with dr. Bri, nd?

It is helpful if you can fill out your intake form ahead of time and send it back before the appointment to allow Dr. Bri, ND to prepare for your assessment. However if this isn’t possible you can bring your intake form with you to the first appointment. Dr. Bri, ND also asks that you bring any recent blood or lab work that you’ve had done with your other healthcare provider(s) as well as photos or a list of any supplements and prescription medications you are currently taking along with dosages. This allows Dr. Bri, ND to ensure that there aren’t any interactions with the treatments she suggests or that you aren’t taking too much of any vitamins or minerals.

How often will I need to come in for follow ups?

This varies depending on what you are being treated for. However, follow up appointments typically happen once a month to once every 6 weeks or less frequently. However, if acupuncture is prescribed, appointments are once a week for 6 weeks, typically. Follow up frequency will be clearly explained and agreed upon between you and Dr. Bri, ND at each appointment.

What kinds of treatments does dr. bri,nd use?

Dr. Bri, ND uses nutritional therapy, lifestyle changes, mindfulness practices, natural health products such as vitamins, minerals or herbal medicines, acupuncture and cupping as her main treatments for your health concerns.

I don’t want to take supplements, should i still seek care from dr. bri,nd?

Absolutely! There are many different tools that Dr. Bri, ND can use to help you reach your wellness goals. All treatment plans are mutually agreed upon between you and Dr. Bri, ND and she will create a plan that fits your own specific needs.